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Zero Gravity Chair Human TouchIf you are looking for a chair that provides comfort and helps your aching body, then look no farther. A zero gravity chair is the perfect solution for your needs. With its state of the art design, it is designed for comfort and relaxation.

What is a Zero Gravity Chair?

It’s basically s a manual reclining lounger, which positions the user so there is no pressure on the spine. By the placement of the body in the chair, the legs are raised to lower the blood pressure and the lungs are given room to breathe. They are ergonomically designed to help with health issues and to prevent muscle strains or discomfort.

The chair uses a concept that was developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), by elevating an individual to a “zero gravity” position. The feet are raised to the same level as the heart, thus reducing the strain on the vertebrae significantly. It also reduces any discomfort or pain in the back, and it lowers the blood pressure. For those who suffer from edema or swelling in the lower extremities, it assists with the proper elevation to reduce the fluid retention in the legs and feet.

It also helps to improve circulation, forcing the heart to work less and enabling the blood flow to properly go throughout your body with  less effort. Thus, it helps with various health problems and body systems. In addition to added comfort, the chair is designed for an overall improvement of health.

How Does It Work

All available positions on the chair are fully supported. With locking mechanisms, there are multiple positions and one is bound to be suitable for each individual’s frame and health problems.

There is also a variety of these recliners currently available on the market. Whether you enjoying sitting outdoors for long periods of time and need this kind of chair or whether you want a state of the art professional grade recliner with leather upholstery, there is a recliner available exactly for you.

Who Recommends Them

A variety of medical professionals recommend these chairs for their patients and they are in particular recommended by orthopedic specialists, neurologists, rheumatologists, and vascular surgeons. Those who have chronic health problems, such as arthritis, neuro-muscular disease, or vascular issues can benefit greatly from having access to this kind of chair.

They can even provide pain relief for those who suffer from chronic health issues that result in ongoing pain. It is a much healthier form of pain relief than regularly taking pain medications, which can have side effects or which can be habit forming.

What to Consider when Purchasing

Consider your body type. You need to select a chair that is designed for your size. If you are taller, or shorter, than the average size and you purchase a chair that is designed for the average build, you won’t be happy with your purchase.  You need to ensure you purchase a recliner that is long enough or short enough for your height. In addition, you want to make sure the width is appropriate for your particular build.

How frequently do you plan to use it? If you plan to use the chair regularly, then you should invest more in the chair to ensure it doesn’t wear out quickly. They are comfortable, so you can sit in them to watch television, use your laptop or tablet, read, or even play video games.

Where will you use it? If you plan to just use the chair in your living room or den, then you need to get a standard recliner that you put in location and leave there. If you want to take your chair along with you to outdoor activities and road trips, you need to consider purchasing a portable model.

How important is appearance? If you want a chair that blends in with your room’s designs and furnishings then you need to take that into serious consideration. They are available in a variety of colors and materials as well as a variety of price ranges. These are all things to consider when making the initial purchase.

Consider your budget. If you overspend, you won’t be happy in the long run with your purchase. If you get less than what you need, then again, you won’t be happy with your purchase. Decide what you need in a chair and set a budget. You then know what you have to work with and from what price range you can select a chair.

What benefits do you expect from this recliner? While it does not cure any health conditions, it does help with a variety of symptoms. Don’t expect miracles. That said, the chair can help with pain relief and can help make some symptoms reduced in scope and therefore, make the problems more tolerable.

After The Purchase

After you have selected the chair that is most suitable for your needs and you have it in the desired location, use it. Within a few uses, you will wonder how you ever made it without this kid of amazing comfort and design. You will feel better rested and you won’t have as much pain and discomfort in joints and muscles.

Consider it to be an investment in your overall health and wellness. When you are feeling better and suffer from less discomfort, your productivity increases and your overall attitude improves. You can get more done and suffer from less pain. The end results usually mean fewer doctor visits, which are expensive and time consuming.

This type of chair is an investment in pursuing a healthy lifestyle and in your overall well being. After you purchase one, you will wonder why you waited so long to make the investment. If you have questions or need assistance with making your purchase, don’t hesitate to ask for more information today.

Check our comparison table!

$ = Under $100

$$ = $100 – $200

$$$ = $200 – $500

$$$$ = $500 – $1000

$$$$$ = Over $1000

Lafuma RSX Mesh Recliner45" x 27" x 35"22 Pounds8/10$$

Lafuma Futura Clipper46" x 28" x 35"22 Pounds8/10$$

Faulkner Standard Recliner38" x 26" x 39"25 Pounds8/10$$

Caravan Infinity Chair45" x 25" x 31"21 Pounds9/10$

Human Touch Perfect Chair43" x 31" x 47"90 Pounds9/10$$$$$

Human Touch Zero G 4.061" x 28" x 41"170 Pounds8/10$$$$$

Osaki OS - 7075R57" x 35" x 52"230 Pounds9/10$$$$$

Osaki OS - 400079" x 35" x 34"254 Pounds8/10$$$$$

RST Delano Double Orbital Lounger71" x 71" x 36"39 Pounds6/10$$$

RST Luis Orbital Zero Gravity Lounger71" x 31" x 36"20 Pounds9/10$$

Lafuma Evolution AirLafuma Evolution AIR Recliner45" x 19" x 30"18 Pounds9/10$$$

Lafuma R Clip Zero Gravity ReclinerLafuma R Clip45" x 27" x 34"16 Pounds8/10$$

Human Touch HT-7450Human Touch HT-745068" x 28" x 29"200 Pounds8/10$$$$$

Strathwood Basics Anti-Gravity Adjustable ChairStrathwood Basics Adjustable Recliner64" x 27" x 29"22 Pounds8/10$